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Some medications may interfere with allergy skin testing. Review the following to decide whether to continue or stop any medications.

If you are taking medication for blood pressure, do not take it on the day of the appointment but bring it with you to take as soon as your testing is completed.

Discontinue one week before appointment or as soon as possible if less than 1 week.

(Antihistamine/Decongestant ) (Oral and Nasal)

Actifed Deconamine Novahistine
Advil PM Desloratidine Olopatadine
Alavert Dimetane Optimine
Allegra Dimetapp Patanase
Allegra D Diphenhydramine Periactin
Amitriptyline Doxepin Phenergan
Astelin Dramamine Polyhistine
Astepro Dymista Rondec
Atarax Excedrin PM R-Tannate
Atrohist Fexofenadine Ru-Tuss
Atrovent Hydroxyzine Ryna 12 S
Azelastine Ipratropium Rynatan
Benadryl Isolclor Semprex
Bromfed Kronofed Tavist
Ceterizine Levoceterizine Triaminic
Chlorpheniramine Loratadine Tylenol PM
Chlortrimeton Marax Vistaril
Clarinex Mucinex Allergy Xyzal
Claritin Mucinex D Zyrtec
Claritin D Naldecon Zyrtec D
Comhist Naldelate  
Cyproheptadine Nolahist  

Vitamins, Herbal Medicines & Homeopathic Medicines 

Discontinue 3-5 days before appointment or as soon as possible if less than 5 days.

(Stomach medications)

Axid Pepcid Tagamet
Cimetidine Ranitidine Zantac
Famotidine Reglan  

Do not use the day of appointment.

(Anti-Inflammatory/Pain Medication)

Acetaminophen Esgic Midrin
Advil Excedrin Motrin
Aleve Fioricet Naproxen
Aspirin Ibuprofen Orudis
Butalbital Imitrex Relafen
Celebrex Indocin Tylenol

(Nasal Sprays)

Beconase Nasalcrom Qnasl
Flonase Nasalide Rhinocort
Flunisolide Nasarel Triamcinolone
Fluticasone Nasonex Veramyst
Nasacort Omnaris Zetonna

(Eye Drops)

Acular Claritin Naphcon
Alamast Elestat Opcon
Alaway Emadine Optivar
Alocril Epinastine Pataday
Alomide Ketotifen Patanol
Azelastine Lastacaft Zaditor
Bepreve Livostin Zyrtec

(Topical Steroids/Cortisone creams, ointments) 

Do not use the following ASTHMA medications on the day of the appointment, unless absolutely necessary.

(Inhaled Steroids)

Advair Beclovent Symbicort
Aerobid Dulera QVAR
Alvesco Flovent  
Asmanex Pulmicort  

(Inhaled Bronchodilators)

Albuterol Maxair Ventolin
Atrovent Metaproterenol Xopenex
Brethaire Ipratropium  
Combivent ProAir  
DuoNeb Proventil  
Foradil Serevent  

(Oral Bronchodilators)

Albuterol Primatene Vospire ER
Metaprotere-nol Terbutaline Ventolin

(Oral Steriods)

FloPred Orapred Prednisolone
Medrol Pediapred Prelone

(Oral Theophylline)

Theo-24 Uniphyl  

(Leukotriene Modifiers)

Accolate Montelukast Zyflo

The Following MEDICATIONS may be continued


Birth Control Pills

Cardiac (Heart) Medications

Diabetic Medications


Prescription Sedatives

Seizure Medications

Thyroid Medications

Allergy by an Allergist

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