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We look forward to meeting you and helping you. Please review the following information so you can make the most of your first visit with our physicians and the check-in process runs smoothly!

We ask that you complete the New Patient forms provided on our site, print them and bring them with you. We can provide you with these forms in the office before your appointment or arrive early on the day of the appointment if you haven’t completed them beforehand. You may notice there’s no form to gather your medical history, our medical professionals will gather that information from you once you’re in the office.

The first appointment typically consists of 3 parts: a doctor-patient consultation, skin testing and results review. The doctor will take a complete medical and environmental history and perform a physical exam. Once you discuss your symptoms with the doctor, they will determine for what you may need to be skin tested. After being skin tested and the results are documented, the doctor will speak with you about the results and determine the best plan of action for your needs. You may have to return to the office in the afternoon for what is known as a “late reading” if you do not immediately react to the testing. Additional review and education will be completed by our nursing staff.

The length of the appointment is dependent on if you are tested, how many allergens are tested, and how long it takes your body to react. Although you may not need to be in the office all day, please make necessary arrangements to have the day off since a thorough workup is necessary to provide you with the best care.

We ask that you stop all anti-allergy medications a week before your appointment so an accurate test can be completed. Some other medications may also need to be stopped, please review the medication list. When scheduling, please notify the office if you’ve had or will have a steroid injection (like cortisone or kenalog) within 3 weeks of when the appointment is scheduled.

On the day of your visit we advise you to:

  • Eat your normal breakfast
  • Refrain from wearing scented lotions, perfumes, colognes and essential oils
  • Allow extra time for increased morning traffic
  • Wear a two-piece outfit for your own comfort and convenience
  • Bring snacks/ lunch (Especially if you are diabetic)
  • Bring books, quiet activities, a tablet or laptop (We have free Wi-fi!)
  • If you wear contacts, bring your glasses in case they become uncomfortable
  • Bring a friend or family member if you have complex issues, it always helps to have another set of ears
  • Keep an open mind- try not to come in with a diagnosis and cure in mind (The internet does not always have the correct answers)

Patient Forms

Appointment Checklist document

First Appointment FAQs

It is a method of testing for allergic antibodies. We will introduce small amounts of suspected allergens into the skin, noting the development of a reaction. The results are read 15- 20 minutes after the application of the allergen. Interpretation of skin tests requires the allergist’s skill in matching the results with the patient’s history of allergy-like symptoms. However, just because a particular allergen is positive does not necessarily mean that substance is causing the symptoms.

  • Skin testing to:
    • Aeroallergens (pollens, molds, dander, dust mite)
    • Foods
    • Select medications
  • Food challenges
  • Drug challenges
  • Pulmonary function testing

After a careful discussion of your symptoms, your allergist will determine what testing is indicated at your appointment.

  • Allergic rhinitis
  • Asthma and chronic cough
  • Food allergy
  • Drug allergy
  • Stinging insect allergy
  • Recurrent infections
  • Hives
  • Anaphylaxis
  • Eczema

If patients are being skin tested, the first appointment can last a few hours. However, the length of the appointment is dependent on if you are tested, how many allergens are tested, and how long it takes your body to react.

No. (Thank goodness, right?) Follow up appointments are typically 15- 30 minutes without skin testing.

Yes. Skin testing is uncomfortable but it should not stop you from returning to your normal day. While some patients believe their appointments will be quick, a thorough workup is necessary and important to us so we advise you clear your schedule that day.

Yes, always bring your insurance card AND picture ID to every appointment at our office.

We understand a week without your allergy medications can be torturous, but they interfere with skin testing. Without accurate results you’d do yourself a disservice. Please review the medication list for any medications that you may need to discontinue.

Not necessarily, but in most cases we feel it is the most effective way to diagnose the issues you’re having. If you have been skin tested in recent years, let our New Patient Coordinators know when you schedule and we may be able to use those previous test results.

While you may not have a sensitivity to that particular fragrance, our other patients (and staff) may. We ask that any time you visit our office you take that into consideration. This applies to not only patients, but anyone who accompanies patients to their appointments.

Yes, any children under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied by their parent or guardian throughout the duration of the visit. Not until they are legally considered an adult can you send them to an appointment alone.

Some insurance plans require a referral for a patient to see a specialist. If your plan does, please call your primary care physician (PCP) as they are the ones who will send the referral to your insurance company for approval to be seen in our office. Without a referral, the cost of the visit may not be covered and the patient is considered financially responsible.

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